Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Wonderful Sound of Summer

"Grandfather smiled in his sleep. Feeling the smile and wondering why it was there, he awoke. He lay quietly listening, and the smile was explained. For he heard a sound which was far more important than birds or the rustle of new leaves. Once each year he woke this way and lay waiting for the sound which meant that summer had officially begun. And it began on a morning such as this when a boarder, a nephew, a cousin, a son or a grandson came out on the lawn below and moved in consecutively smaller quadrangles north and east and south and west with a clatter of rotating metal through the sweet summer grass. ...... God bless the lawn mower, he thought."
This is an excerpt from a book I just finished reading called, Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury.I love the way he words my exact feelings and thoughts. I love the sound of the lawn mower! I also love the sounds of a basketball being dribbled outside, plane's flying over head, sprinklers, bicycles riding by, and yes, "birds and the rustle of new leaves."
So today I am celebrating freshly cut lawns, and the arrival of Summer, it truly is here at last! YEA!!

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Jen said...

Love that book! Your yard is so cute! Brandon is adorable and BIG. Your family is so sweet, I love keeping up with you on your blog!