Thursday, June 5, 2008

Scotties Graduation

My little Brother graduated from High School on Tuesday, I am so proud of him, it was fun to be able to go, and I think that Brandon even enjoyed himself as well (he loves the comotion!).Here are the proud parents, three kids down, two to go!Scottie is such a great uncle! Congratulations Scott!!


j and k said...

Cute! I love to see family resemblances. WHat a nice family!

Stamm family said...

You got some great pictures, I almost feel like I was there. Such a handsome boy!

Jeremy and Heidi said...

I remember that day--the sea of orange! That was so long ago it seems like. We felt bad we missed out on the BHS get-together, but something came up last minute. Holli was thinking of planning a playdate for the moms--that would be fun!