Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Family Home Evening

Jared informed me that he had a surprise for me on Saturday, but it would have to wait until Monday. So I anxiously waited (I do not do very well with surprises). He planned FHE and he did a terrific job, we all had a great time. First he brought home dinner, which meant that I did not have to cook, or do the dishes!
Then he took us to the Provo River Restoration Project. I had no idea this place even existed, (which makes me wonder, what other treasures are nearby?). Not five minutes from our house is this wonderful nature preserve. We spent 2 plus hours exploring the area and are still not even close to finding all of its treasures.I think Maggie had the most fun, with all the new smells and sounds, she went into the water many times, and I wish you could have seen her disappearing under the tall grass and then jumping back out again.We loved looking for the birds and other wildlife. This bird was particularly beautiful. We also saw fish, beavers, and many other birds.Brandon not wanting to be left out of the fun screeched frequently, and sang his little songs while going over the bumps in the road.
Look it even came complete with the "Lake of Shining Waters". Which of course made me giddy!

The scenery was beautiful, and occasionally you could even catch a glimpse of Heber. Can you see it?It was so wonderful, and there was so much we did not have time for that we fully intend on visiting many more times.

Then Jared topped of the night with the best FHE treat ever, yummy shakes from Dairy Keen. Yum Yum! So from now on I think I will let Jared plan the FHE, he did such a wonderful job!


Kristen said...

Looks like such a fun night, way to go Jared!! Michelle, I need to come for a visit, we can go there and practice taking pictures of our kids, it looks like it would be a cool place :)..and of course, we would need to grab a treat on the way out :)

j and k said...

What a pretty place! I'm coming over for the next FHE!