Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brandon update

I am amazed at how much this little guy is learning, and how fast he is growing. I thought I would fill you in on all of his new "skills". Brandon is walking everywhere forwards and backwards, and he finally learned how to pull himself to a stand without the aid of furniture. He recently learned how to stack the rings (you know the fisher price toy) this is amazing to me, he can even occasionally get them in the right order. Brandon loves to throw, roll, kick and bounce balls, and he is very good at pushing chairs, his toy lawn mower, and his trike all over the house. My new favorite skill is one that Jared taught him while Brandon was having a bath, Brandon was playing with the boats and learned how to buzz his lips to make a vroom vroom sound, it is so cute!!! Brandon recently had his one year check up with the doctor and he is doing well, however we learned that he is under weight. Jared and I are not quiet sure how we managed to have a child that is under weight but we did it, so now Brandon gets to eat all the fattening foods he wants, lucky kid. :)
You know I always looked forward to being a mom, but I had no idea it would be this fun, and entertaining! I love this boy and his dimply, toothy smile!

Look at how cute this is, Brandon's Great Grandma Bowman found out that he has a little bank account so she sent him a dollar, with a cute little card full of shiny stickers, he seemed to really like it. I can't get over the funny feeling I get when I get mail addressed to Brandon, he isn't just my little boy, he is a real person, who will someday grow up into a man, I am in denial, and probably will be for a very long time!


Alana's Blog said...

I love your new page! Isnt it crazy!? Riley yesterday picked up a sock and set it on top of his foot... and looked at me like I know it goes there..but how does it go on? and he hasnt worn socks in months becuase of summer and learning to walk.everyday he surprises me with something new! I wish you lived closer so the boys could play! we need to come visit you!

cryssal said...

He is so darling! I miss having tinies at my house. My biggies keep me so busy. It is just not the same busy.