Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Cutest Animal in the Petting Zoo

Jared and I planned on going to the "Boo at the Zoo" this year with Brandon, but when we got there, the lines were outrageous! So we went to plan B instead and decided to go Gardner Village. What a fun little place! We looked at many shops, and resisted buying everything we liked, and had fun looking at all of the witches and decorations, but our favorite part was the petting zoo. (I know you are all suprised). Looking at these pictures can you guess what our favorite animal was?
You guessed it, it was our little Zebra, and can you blame us for liking him the best, he is so stinking cute!!!!

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Jen said...

I agree, he is the cutest zebra EVER! So adorable. Love the costume. You two are so great to have so much fun with him. You are such a great mommy, but I would never have expected less! BTW, I wish you could teach Olivia piano! I am so sad you are gone, I still can't get over it!