Friday, October 3, 2008

Terrible Two's Allready?

If my son is in his second year does that mean he is starting his terrible two's, because yesterday sure felt like it! I began my day with a post all about how wonderful Brandon is, how much he is growing, and how smart I think he is, and then he spent the day doing things I never expected to have happen so soon.
Brandon learned how to climb into the tub! YIKES!

Brandon learned how to turn on the stove! DOUBLE YIKES!!!! (We have a gas stove so the knobs are within his reach)

Brandon observed me checking the calzones in the oven and thought he would help by opening the oven, while they were still cooking! AAAHHH!

I thought a good way to keep him out of trouble would be to put him in his excer-saucer, but not wanting to miss anything he just climbed right out, fortunately I caught him before his head hit the ground, he has also figured out how to get out of his stroller, even when it is moving.

Brandon has learned to climb onto the piano bench and the coffee table, by moving anything over for an extra step.

And, while we are blessed to have a very patient dog, he has learned that pulling on Maggie's fur will get an exciting reaction. He has not been bitten yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Seriously after a day like that I do not know how people have more than one child? And for those of you who have had more than one at the same time (Jen, Camille, Jodi, Janie, Heather) I admire you! Needless to say, Brandon will no longer have access to the bathrooms, kitchen, or any other room unless I am in there with him.


Alana's Blog said...

I am so with you! its like overnight we went from having cute snuggly babies to tantrum throwing.. do it by myself ...into EVERYTHING toddlers! Riley also loikes the bathroom, which doors are closed now once he discovered how much tiolet water is to splash!

Kristen said...

I love how you said you after a day like that, how can anyone have more that 1 child. I remember feeling that way too, but there are so many wonderful things about his age that you will forget the bad days...eventually :) And with 2 kids...they can entertain each other so either you will have double the bad day...or...double the good day because they are playing with each other and not getting into trouble..(hopefully :)

Camille Hill said...

I'm sorry to hear your troubles but I am glad to know that my children getting into and onto EVERYTING is not a direct result of my bad parenting! My boys love to push the kitchen chairs and climb onto the counters, into the sink, computer desks, the piano, you name it. Next it will be roof! How do mothers survive this stage without going CRAZY??