Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brandon's broken arm

On Sunday the 25th of April we had a family dinner at my Aunt Kris' house. Less than 1/2 an hour into the dinner Brandon fell off the slide and broke his arm. The other kids came running in to tell Jared and me that Brandon was hurt and we both shrugged it off thinking he would be fine quickly just like he always is - well after another 10-15 minutes or so he was still crying hard so Jared went to comfort him with little luck. We finally loaded him into the car to watch Finding Nemo (Yeah for cars with built in DVD players!!) and drive home. That night he seemed to be much happier and he moved his arm occasionally so we hoped that maybe it was just sprained and it would be fine in the morning, it wasn't, he woke up holding his arm like it was in a sling so I scheduled an appointment to have it checked out. The poor kid dealt with a broken arm all night and we did nothing to help him - mean parents! He was so tough!!! That morning before our appointment he was still climbing on the bed and up on chairs, and he was still playing with his toys only occasionally complaining about his arm.He had a soft cast put on until Friday and then Friday he got the hard cast. He was such a trooper while getting his arm exrayed and getting the soft cast on. While Dr. Berg was putting the cast on he told Brandon how cool the cast was because it was red like lightening McQueen, Brandon was quick to respond - "It's Not COOL!" - I thought it was funny.Friday when we were getting the hard cast was better, he was just interested to see what the doctors were doing and didn't cry or seem bothered at all, it was great.So now we get to endure four weeks of a nasty little arm cast and baths with bags on his arm - no fun, but at least it happened before the weather improved and summer came. :) I love my tough little boy!


Alana said...

oh no, poor Brandon! i am glad he is alright. It's so hard when they still can't quite tell us whats wrong. here's to a quick recovery!

Alicia said...

OH NO! What a tough boy! "His cast looks pretty cool" says Shelby! LOL What is funny is that Tyler (a friend from billings) has a green cast and just broke his arm a week ago!

Rebecca said...

Wow--you didn't have to wait long for that fun experience! I am wondering if stitches are worse still . . . Anyway, what a brave boy! And very cute!