Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grant's Baby Blessing

Jared blessed Grant this Sunday in our ward. We were so grateful for the wonderful men who came to stand in the circle; Justin Keller, Grandpa Ron, Grandpa Wyn, Grandpa Johnson, and Uncle Dwight. I love these good men and I am so grateful for the influence for good they are to our family and my two boys! Thanks Guys!!!Grant was a very good baby for the blessing and for the party afterward - Love that boy, Thanks to Dad, Natalie, Jodi, and everyone else for holding him and feeding him so that he would be agreeable and I could enjoy the company. :)Taylor is such a cute uncle and I was finally able to get a picture of him holding Grant and with a true smile - YEAH! I was so grateful to Wyn and Dee Ann for coming up from California and Jodi and the twins for coming down from Idaho Falls. They were such a great help - vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, bathing Grant, and preparing the food - Thanks for coming and helping and being so wonderful to us!! We love you!My Grandma Osborn, Uncle Dwight and Aunt Chris also came - I think they are wonderful! My Grandma Osborn had hip surgery recently but it hasn't stopped her from making our family feel special and loved, and it was so thoughtful of Dwight and Chris to come out of their way for me (one of their many nieces)!! We love the Keller's! Thanks for making the hour long drive - I love that our families match (husband and wife with two boys ages 2 and 0) and get along so well!! And of course the party would not have been a success without the yummy turtles!! Now would you please move to Heber!!!My parents and Grandma and Grandpa Johnson also made the trip for which I am very grateful, and the food you both brought was SO yummy!Love my siblings Scott, Natalie, Taylor and Lindsey! Thanks for coming and thanks to Lindsey for providing entertainment to Brandon, Jack, Chandler, and Nate - they had a great time!!!!The boys also provided us with a great impromptu ribbon and stick program full of pokes in the eyes and slaps on the back. :)The random game of fishing was also a lot of fun! It is a lot of work to have to entertain your family and friends but so worth having the fun company! I would do it again and again! I love my family and friends so much!!!!!!!

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Allison said...

Love the new posts! Thanks for having us on Sunday...we had a great time!