Thursday, May 20, 2010

Odd Thoughts

I find my day is filled with strange little thoughts - Yesterday I had two that I thought were a bit amusing so I would share.
The first was while I was putting on Brandon's shoes and he was telling me that his shoes had tongues- So I thought, if our shoes have tongues does that mean the hole they come out of is the mouth of the shoe? and if so does that mean that every day we are putting our foot in our mouth?
The second thought was while I was sitting on a chair outside and Brandon was pulling the wagon around the chair, the wagon wheel got caught on the leg of the chair, which made me wonder, if our chairs have legs does that mean they have feet? and if so does that mean we have been on our feet all day regardless of whether we have been sitting or standing?


Karie said...

You're silly! ;)

Nakia Stewart said...

Haha! That was so cute ut at the same time it does seem that way!