Thursday, September 27, 2012

$2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point Gardens

In August, Thanksgiving Point does a $2 Tuesday promotion for the farm, dinosaur museum and gardens.  Each attraction turns into a mad house because everyone wants to take advantage of the great deal, but the gardens are a bit more spread out so you don't feel like you are too crowded.  I love the gardens!  I am amazed with everything they have been able to create there, I only wish I was closer and could visit much more often, there is never enough time to see everything. 
We went with Jason, Tyler and Sharece as well as Easton and had a great time in the children's gardens, so much fun that we didn't ever make it to the other gardens.
 The lily pond with koi fish, which the boys had a great time feeding.
 Climbing in the web, even Grant made an attempt.
 Then we found the mini river...... and the boys were in heaven.  Rocks, dirt, water and little boards to act like boats, what could be better?

 What happens when a soaked boy finds a large sand pit - he rolls in it of course. :)  I think that is why I have heard and have come to believe that "you are not having fun unless you are getting dirty". :)
 Brandon was so pleased with himself.  Good thing I came prepared with an extra change of clothing. :)

 Grant and Tyler performed some great numbers for Brandon and Jason to dance to, then Brandon and Jason returned the favor for Grant and Tyler, pretty funny.
 Last of all the highlight of the day was playing in the Noah's Ark fountain.  There were so many people that each child wanting to play in the fountain had to have a wrist band and wait for their designated time, then they had 20 minutes to play.  We got there just in time and quickly put them in their suits.  They enjoyed every minute of it. :)

 Brandon pretending to be a crocodile - again. :)

Super fun day!!  Great friends, beautiful gardens and fun things to do. :)

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