Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jason's Birthday

Jason wanted one thing for his birthday party, going to the zoo with Brandon.  We were thrilled to be included in the party and best of all to visit the zoo again with good friends.

I could not believe how fun the grizzlies were to watch, unfortunately by the time we got there, the boys were getting weary and it was hot so no one wanted to stick around and watch them with me. :(  But for the few minutes I did see them I was very entertained. :)

Look at all those fun boys. :)

We went to the discovery show (didn't even know the zoo had this show), the boys put on a preshow for us by dancing, so cute!

 Love Grants moves.

After the zoo we went as quickly as we could back to Jason's house for his birthday party with friends.  It was a super fun party, lots of kids and fun games and a super cute cake. :)

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