Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Zoo Visit

Love that a zoo membership allows us to visit the zoo as often as we do. :) We went to the zoo for the third time in a month, this time with my sisters, mom, cousin and nephew.  We had a great time!

The bird show was probably the highlight for me, I just love this bird show, it never gets old.  I was particularly fun this time because we were on the front row and could see so well.  The before we watched the bird show we spent a long time watching the gorillas.  Gorillas are Lindsey's favorite animal so when they were being super active we had to stay and watch, besides it is not often you get to see gorillas swinging around, pounding their chest, babies teasing the silver back, foraging, and more activities.  I was really fun to watch.

Everyone enjoyed watching the sea lion Big Boy and the polar bear Rizo.  I think Rizo was everyones favorite.  She swims right up to the glass where the children are watching.  While she is swimming under the water coming up to the glass all the children would peek down under the water line.  Then when she came up out of the water all of the children would stand up in unison with her and scream/cheer until she went back into the water. She swims this pattern all the time over and over again and the children screamed and popped up every time with her, it was pretty funny. :)

Brandon was able to feel the pelt of a cheetah, one of his favorite animals, that was pretty cool. :)
We had a great time at the zoo with our family!

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