Thursday, September 27, 2012

More August Fun - Lots More

 An impromptu and very silly slumber party - could I be any luckier?
 I cherish my sleep, especially my Saturday mornings, when I still hope to be able to sleep in.  So when Brandon came in one Saturday morning before 7:00 I was initially ticked off, he knows that he has to stay in his room until we get up.  But then he and Grant entered caring the breakfast tray, milk, cereal, and my cheese grater bowl.  How could I be upset.  I am not sure what prompted their thoughtfulness, but I was pretty cute, cheese grater and all. :)
The following weekend Brandon woke us up bright and early again by singing Nephi's Courage at the top of his lungs in the back yard.  "I WILL GO I WILL DO THE THINGS THE LORD COMMANDS, I KNOW THE LORD PROVIDED A WAY HE WANTS ME TO OBEY"  Over and over again, loudly :)  He loves that song. :)
 Jared bought us tickets to Wicked at the beginning of the year.  When we found out it was coming to SLC we were thrilled, we loved it in NYC and could not wait to see it again.  We anticipated August all year long so that we could see it again and we were not disappointed.  We were especially surprised when the performers playing Glinda and Elphaba were the same that performed it in New York.  They were great!  Love this musical!
The night before Wicked we were able to go to dinner with good friends from Oregon, the Massey's, VanWagner's and the Coleman's.  We went to Sapa's for sushi.  I have never had sushi, particularly "real" sushi, so I was nervous.  I loved it!  Jared and I both loved it.  And it was great, so wonderful, to see friends again.  I miss our frequent get togethers.  Well we loved Sapa's so much that we decided to go back the next night before we went to Wicked, it was great once again.
 One morning when Jared left for work Brandon said that he wanted to play work like his daddy.  So we set up a mini office complete with computer, paper, pencils, tape, calculator, toy phone and more.  The boys had a great time playing work. :)

 I am sorry to admit that I may be responsible for teaching my son this bad habit - classy right. :)
 The last Friday in August we went to the new splash park near my parents house with Chandler, Natalie, Mom and Grandma.  It was sure fun for the boy and for us to be entertained by them.  After the splash park Brandon and I went to our UPSTART orientation meeting.  UPSTART is a computer program developed by the Waterford Institute for children preparing to enter Kindergarten the following year.  The state of Utah affords the program, so if we commit to work on it for at least 15 minutes a day 5 days a week we get to keep the program.  It is such a fun program, Brandon is learning a lot and having fun at the same time, there are a few things that they could improve on, but overall I am loving this opportunity.  Even Grant is able to work on it at his own level, he loves it and he has already learned to recognize a few letters; B, M, G, X and O. :)
 While Brandon and I were having fun beginning this new program, Grant was having even more fun playing in the water in grandmas back yard with Chandler and a few other friends.  Love this fun picture. :)
Hooray for August!!  So many fun memories. :)

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