Thursday, September 27, 2012

YES! I DID IT! YW 5K to the Temple

When we learned the theme for YW was "Arise and Shine Forth, that thy light may be a standard unto the nations" Doctrine and Covenants 115:5.  We felt that this meant we needed to challenge ourselves, be more than what we already are, Arise to greater heights.  So our YW president planned three challenges to be undertaken throughout the year.  Our first challenge was to read the entire Book of Mormon in one monthThat was an incredible challenge.  So grateful I was able to do, it was such a strength to my testimony.  I love the Book of Mormon.

Well our second challenge was one I really feared - RUN a 5K to the temple.  I don't run, I have always wanted to be a runner, but I was never taught how.  I know - who doesn't know how to run.  Well sure, I know how to run, but I was never taught how to run long distance, how to pace yourself, how to train yourself, etc.  This was finally my chance to learn how to run.  I followed the couch to 5k program - it was great.  You begin by running (jogging) for 60 seconds and walking for 60 seconds for two weeks, then you progress to 90 seconds on and off for two weeks, then three minutes jogging and 90 seconds walking for two weeks, followed by 5 minutes jogging and 2 minutes walking for two weeks.  You get the idea, every two weeks you increase your jogging time and decrease your walking time, then in 2-3 months you are jogging without stopping for 30 minutes or 3 miles.

When I first started out running, that first minute was HARD, running for just one minute - I felt like such a wimp, but I was determined to complete this challenge, I was not going to fail in front of my YW, especially when I was expecting them to be able to do it ( even though several of our girls are on cross country :)).  Each time I progressed to the increased jog time I was thrilled that I could do it.

My first great success was when I went running with three of my YW all of whom are on cross country.  I wanted so badly to stop jogging and just walk, but they would not have it, they very literally had their hands on my back pushing me to the end, they even made me sprint the last few yards.  I was not loving them very much while I was running, but when I finished I was thrilled, I had run one mile without stopping, it was the first time in my life ever that I had done that YEAH!!!!!
A few weeks later I was able to push myself to run for 10 minutes, walk for 5, then run for 24 minutes without stopping.  There I was in the gym, several other people minding their own business, just getting their work out in for the day, wishing that I could just shout out and throw my hands in the air in triumph.  I was so pleased.

About a month later I was able to run the full 5K (3+ miles) without stopping, I still can't believe I could do it.

The day of the run came, I was able to finish the 5K, unfortunately I was unable to run the whole thing, because I was feeling sick, and I had not trained for hills, and there are some huge hill near the Provo Temple.  But I was able to run more than walk, so I was pleased.  I am still working on training for more runs, I want to get better, because now I know I can, I can be a runner!

I am so proud of the girls and their efforts, I am thrilled in a great YW President who issued the challenge, but most of all I am really proud of myself that I could do it.  I did it with a LOT of prayer, I know Heavenly Father helped me every step of the way, and I did it!!  YEAH!  Here's to more runs in my future. :)


Allison said...

Way to go Michelle! That is such an awesome thing for you and your YW to accomplish together.

Camille said...

That's awesome on the running! I've started running this summer too - a fellow non-runner here - and I love it! I've done one 5K and hope to do some more. My best motivation for going is I found a friend who will run with me. We've decided we're going to swim laps when the weather turns awful. What a great idea for YW to do!