Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Grant's 2nd Surgery

Grant needed to have tubes in both ears replaced and he also needed his adenoids removed.  He had to fast from the night before so that morning as I was rushing to get us both out the door I was unable to get breakfast for myself so I ended up fasting with him, which did not work well given my pregnant condition.  I was feeling very icky but comforted knowing that it wouldn't be for long as his surgery was at 9:30.  Unfortunately he was not admitted to surgery until 12:30.  It was a very long time for both of us to wait while being hungry, but Grant was a trouper and did not complain one bit.  He had a great time playing with all the fun toys and viewing the many fun murals all over the place.  I really do feel so blessed to be so close to Primary Children's Medical Center. 

 Where's Grant? :) hahaha
 My sweet boy. :(  It was so sad to have to leave him alone for surgery, but the staff of course did great with him.  Grant came out of his anesthetic prematurely and I was not there to comfort him right away, that was traumatic for him then I arrived and he must have felt much better because he happily slept for another 2 hours, while I wished I could be sleeping with him, or eating something more than a few crackers. :)
The following week was rough, he was very grumpy and uncomfortable, but know a little over a month latter he is doing wonderfully well!  And he continues to hear and speak normally!  Yeah!

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