Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sunset Safari

Just before our Yellowstone trip Jared suggested we go as a family to the sunset safari at the zoo.  It was a great way to spend the evening.  We enjoyed dinner at the Beastro and watched the elephants play in the sprinklers, I was hoping to watch them go in the water, but there was no luck.
 The grizzly bears were very active, running around and playing.  We had a great time watching them.  And looking back I am glad we did, because while we were in Yellowstone we saw no grizzly bears.
 The snow leopard's were also very active.  I was surprised to see them in what used to be the tigers home.  They were running all over the place chasing each other and jumping over each other.  It was lots of fun!
 Brandon was thrilled to see the crocodiles, even if they never seem to move, but this one did have its mouth open, which was fun. :)
 With no crowds around, Brandon had the courage to play on the elephant. :)
The zoo after hours, is great!  We had a wonderful time!

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