Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July Adventures

Brandon graduated UPSTART - a computer program created by the Waterford Institute which Utah provided to children who are preparing for kindergarten.  Brandon was required to spend at least 15 minutes 5 days a week on the computer working on their programs which taught reading, math and science skills.  It was a great program, challenging, but overall wonderful.  I feel like Brandon benefited a lot from it, and I hope that Grant will be able to do it as well.
 The boys can be found outside every possible moment playing with our neighbor David.  David is 8 Brandon is 5 and Grant is 3 but not one of them cares about the difference in their age.  They always seem to have a wonderful time.  Today they were catching bugs and putting them in a pill sorter. :)

 I love how this picture shows just how much Brandon and Grant adore their friend :).
 Jared celebrated his 34th birthday, it was a wonderful day!  I got him a peanut butter/chocolate cheese cake from the New York Cheesecake Factory. :)
 He also got a Gerber (multi use utility tool, a gun safe, a computer game, and a zoo book).
 On this day, Brandon Grant and David put together a prehistoric jungle in my garden with all their dinosaurs. :)

 I was able to go to Youth Conference this year up at the Heber Valley Girls Camp.  It was a fun weekend.  I was able to see a deer right outside of my cabin. :)  Sadly I didn't get to do the zip line with the youth, because I am expecting. Next time.
 Silly boys, Brandon put his pj pants on his head. :)
 Sunday naps on the hammock are the best!!!!!!!
 I love my garden during July, the daisys and day lilies are in full bloom :)

 And the sunsets are beautiful!
I was able to get together with many of my girl friends from high school.  It was so fun to see them again and catch up with them and all that is going on in their lives.  I felt a lot like Ammon in the Book of Mormon who reunites with his brothers and friends after serving missions and celebrates because they were still his brothers in the Lord.  I love that each of my girl friends is still an outstanding example to me, living righteous lives.  I feel so blessed!
With this pregnancy for some crazy reason I have really loved eggs, they just make my upset stomach feel better, and eggs benedict is the best way to go.  So Jared kindly bought me all the ingredients and I have been making them for myself from time to time, they are surprisingly easy and oh so tasty!
Next post....  our crazy adventures in Yellowstone, cannot wait to share them with you. :)

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Sharece said...

I would love to learn how to make eggs benedict! I've actually never had them, but they look delicious!