Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Easter Part 1

This year Jared and I both wanted to make a greater effort in focusing on the real reason we celebrate Easter and much less on the commercial reasons.  So Jared introduced us to the Jewish custom of the Passover meal.  We talked about the significance of what each part of the meal represented.  We all enjoyed it - minus the bitter herbs of course.
 I put together a daily scripture study schedule that included one of the Bible videos about each of the events leading to Easter Sunday.  Each night we would read about what happened on that day of the week leading to Easter Sunday, then we would talk about it and then finish off with one or two videos which we watch on the new TV in our bedroom.  The boys loved "special scriptures" (probably because it was in our room and it involved watching a video on our new tv, but I'll take it).  I was really impressed with how much they understood and how much they retained.  After each scripture study we would hang a picture that went along with what we learned.  At the end of the week they could tell us interesting details about each picture on our wall.  :)

My hopes for a more Christ centered holiday however were debunked when Jared and I miscommunicated about the Easter baskets and bought WAY more stuff than was needed, and of course come Easter morning the boys could only think about their baskets.  :(  Can I just say how much I hate the commercial aspect of holidays - it turns me into a real scrooge!!
 Alright - rant over.  Sunday afternoon we went to my Grandma Johnson's house for dinner and an egg hunt. that was and always is a lot of fun.  My Grandpa Johnson maintains such a beautiful yard that it makes holidays extra special. 

 Oh, how I love spring!!!
I was in charge of the Easter party for preschool.  For our craft we did shaving cream painting.  It was a lot of fun, the boys loved smearing the shaving cream all over their tray.

After they had fun painting with shaving cream I added the paint for them to swirl with Q-tips into the shaving cream.  I was worried about the acrylic paint getting on their shirts so I made them strip down.  They thought that was very amusing. ;)
I love their expressions!
After they finished swirling the paint they put their Easter shapes on the paint, the we scrapped off the left over shaving cream and our masterpieces were finished.
I think they turned out pretty cute.

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