Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More March Merryment :)

I love that digital cameras allow you to take pictures any time, anywhere.  Otherwise I would only take pictures for special events, but the day to day adventures can be just as fun and picture worthy, here are a few from March.
Grant - a.k.a. Spiderman, loves to hang from his bed. :)
 School Pirate Assembly for reading - a great assembly - even as an adult I was excited and entertained.  It was fun that Brandon and Grant got to watch it with their friends who happened to be twiners that day. :)
 While Jared took Brandon for a day trip to the Sportsmans Expo, Grant and I had a fun day at home and lunch at DairyKeen.
 I could watch Trent sleep for hours - what is it about sleeping babies?

 I love each and every expression that Trent is making, which is why I couldn't choose just one photo.  His smile and giggles are becoming more and more frequent and I couldn't be happier!

 Trent HATES tummy time, but if I put him on his tummy on the foot stool he is much happier, especially if the dogs come to visit.  Pete and Annabelle have been great with Trent, they are happy to be close enough to entertain him and even let him pet them once and awhile.

 Everytime I see this picture of Grant and his buddy Tyler fishing I think of the Colin Ray song with the line
"cuz they think they can catch that big fish anywhere,
and I aint gonna tell em, boys there aint no fishin there,
cuz what they don't know, just might be a blessin 
don't get em second guessin,
let em dream without a doubt. 
cuz, if they don't know, it can't be done they just might do it."
 Such cute boys - I love their imaginations!!
 Trent really does love his big brothers, but sometimes they smother him, just a bit.  He is such a good sport about it.

 The annual St. Patricks day party just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year!  Which reminds me - I forgot to journal about our ward boundary change. In February our stake had a special meeting with four of the eight wards where they announced that they were doing to dissolve one of the wards and then rearrange the other three to accommodate the people from the former ward.  Basically the four wards were in a square boundary divided into four really long ward boundaries.  Each of the rectangles belonged to the 6th, 1st, 11th and 9th wards in that order.  The 11th ward was dissolved into the 1st and 9th wards, and the 1st ward was split with half going to the 6th ward, leaving us with the 6th, 1st and 9th wards.  It has been a much harder adjustment than I had anticipated.  Our ward prior to the change was very close and tight nit.  If there was a stake function we were inevitably the last people to leave, because we just had so much fun together.  So it is hard not seeing half - what seems like, most, of our friends regularly.  So that is probably why this particular St. Patrick's Day party was so big, it was now full of four different wards trying to get to know each other better.

FYI - with the ward change many callings had to be rearranged, but Jared stayed as the Executive Secretary and I stayed as the 1st Counselor in Primary - with a whole new presidency and double the children.

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