Sunday, July 20, 2014

Trent's Baby Blessing

Trent was blessed exactly one month after he was born on February 9th, which was also my Grandpa Johnson's 70th birthday.  So it was a special day for our family. Jared gave Trent a beautiful blessing.  A few of the things Trent was blessed with were: the ability and opportunity to be a great missionary in these latter-days, to look to his predecessors who share his name for good examples, to be baptized, confirmed, to serve a mission, and to be sealed in the temple, and enjoy the blessings of the gospel.  Trent's grandpa's; Ron and Wyn were in the  circle as well as Great-Grandpa Johnson, "uncle" Justin, and our good friend and Bishop Tim Brosnahan. 
 Trent's full name is Trent Ronald Bowman, Ronald came from my dad and my maternal grandpa, as well as my brother, so this is a pretty special picture to have all these "Ronald's" together.  And can I just say I adore my grandpa and dad, and I think their smiles are positively charming.  They are both such great men full of wonderful qualities that I really do hope Trent can learn lots from them.
 Family picture, hahaha.  Brandon was upset because I wouldn't let him change until after the picture, and Trent was upset because he had waited long enough for food. 
 We had many friends and family join us for the blessing and lunch after, but I neglected to take any pictures.  I did manage to get one of Jodi, Megan, and AnnDee before they had to leave.
 I was also able to get a picture of the Kellers.  We had a great evening with them after the luncheon.  Their boys are darling and get a long so well with our boys, it is so much fun to have them as friends.
 Such fun and crazy boys!!

I will probably always beat myself up for forgetting to take more picture of all of our other family and friends who visited, as well as a picture of Jared with Trent, and one of just Trent.  Trent was darling in his blessing outfit that our good friend "auntie" Dana gave him, it was such a cute blessing outfit and I missed that picture too.  :(  Oh well, the important thing is that Jared was able to give Trent a wonderful blessing and we had good friends to share it with us.

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