Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

I am not sure what possessed me to make valentine boxes, maybe it was that I felt sad that it is no longer a tradition at our elementary school, maybe it is that I wanted Valentines day to be more about thoughtful love notes and less about more candy and presents, maybe it was because I love painting cardboard (weird, I know) and I hadn't painted any for a long time, or maybe I felt the boys needed a project to entertain them on another cold winter day?  In truth it was probably all of those reasons.   But when all was said and done I thought our boxes turned out very cute.  They didn't help discourage the commercial part of the holiday, but we still had fun making them and playing with them.
 Brandon of course had an animal themed box and since crocodiles are currently his favorite that is what we made.
 Grant is all about sports so the basketball themed box was a slam dunk for him. ;)
My nick-name is Bear (close family only) so I had a bear box.  And Jared LOVES to travel so his is a suit case box.  Silly I know, and we probably wont bother with it again, but it was fun.
Trent was perfectly content to go without a box and ooze love by being as snuggly as ever.

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