Friday, November 5, 2010

The Beach

I was looking forward to the visit to the beach more than Disneyland - if you can believe it. I was so excited to see Brandon's reaction to the sand, waves, and the whole experience - I was not disappointed. He loved it. Dave and Jill took us to a beach near their home that had both tidal pools and lots of sand to play in. The tidal pools were very cool but the freedom of miles of sand to play in the rush of the waves crashing into you was even better. The weather was just warm enough to make the beach tolerable and the sun set was wonderful - I wish we could have spent much more time there and that we could have stayed closer. Grant even enjoyed getting his feet wet. I was able to build a sand castle which lasted all of two minutes, but it was still worth it. But best of all was the free for all playing and splashing no lines, crowds, or loud false noises. Loved it. Heavenly Father sure does make the best play grounds!!!I LOVE this picture - does Brandon look like he could be any happier?

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