Friday, November 5, 2010

The San Diego Zoo

We never miss the zoo when we go on any vacation - so of course we could not miss the world famous San Diego Zoo. We went to the zoo with a good portion of Jared's family; Jill and Dave, Rebecca, Neveah, and his Parents. We had a great time! Brandon was finally able to see on e of his favorite animals - the hippos, and they were swimming right in front of the window. We were also able to enjoy the rare treat of watching a mother Panda play with her cub. We were lucky enough to see the koalas when they were active and awake. We loved all of the animals! Brandon really enjoyed having a friend to play with for the day, and we were fortunate enough to get some great weather - despite the forecast. :)I absolutely adore this picture of Rebecca and Grant - Oh SO cute!!!!Yucky hippos that Brandon loves - he was even able to see the hippo open his large mouth. :)


Alana said...

how fun! Koalas have always been my favorite. grant is getting soo big! what cutie!

Jen said...

You are such zoo folks! So glad you are passing that on to your boys. This trip looks like such fun. Isn't this a great time of year to go to California? I am so glad you saw so much, and had such fun! Your family is adorable. We need to see you the next time we are down. Or is there a Portland trip on the horizon???