Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cute Grant

I love it when children fall asleep in their high chair - but that rarely happens at our house. This is the first time Grant has done it - he did it while I was (very loudly) singing and playing from the Wicked songbook that my sister let me borrow. I had a great time belting out the songs while both of my children slept on - kinda funny :)


Allison said...

Awesome! Wish you would have posted video of you belting out Wicked songs!! ha ha! I love it when they fall asleep in odd places.

That snowman is VERY impressive...and I bet Jared had no idea he had a Buzz Lightyear coat. Love it!

Natalie Osborn said...

I hope your getting really good at playing.... we will have to play and sing to it tomorrow.
He looks adorable, cant wait to see my little nephews tomorrow as well.