Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Surprise Resident

On one of the really cold and snowy days this little bird took up residency on our bird feeder. It stayed the day and night, but was gone the next day. It was so cute to see this little bird all puffed up to keep warm - part of me really wanted to bring it in for the night but I knew that was not practical, so instead we enjoyed its company during all of our meals, as it was right next to our dining table. The following day my back door neighbor called me to ask what I was feeding the birds because it looked like our house was being attacked - I looked out side and sure enough our trees had turned black with all the birds that were perched on them - it was a little freaky - but they only stuck around for an hour. So what was I feeding them - nothing - see the empty bird feeder in the picture, since then I have filled all of our bird feeders and I hope we have many more visitors this season. :)

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