Thursday, December 9, 2010

Temple Square

We went as a family to Temple Square to see the lights last Saturday. We got there early so we could enjoy the visitor centers and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building before it got to crowded. We were also fortunate to go right up to the temple before they close the gates. It was pretty special. I loved the model of the temple in the south visitors center - if you have not seen it - you really should go - it is amazing!!I love this picture of our Eternal Family at the Temple - very cool!I love this temple and the amazing architecture!We took Brandon to see the Christus before heading out to see the lights. While we sat at His feet I explained to Brandon why there were holes in His hands and in His feet. I explained that Jesus is Heavenly Fathers Son and that He died for us so that we can live with Him again and we can live with our families again. The following Monday we gave pretty much the same lesson for Family Home Evening. It must have made an impression because last night after reading stories with Jared. Brandon told the whole story to Jared and testified that Jesus died so that we can be happy. It was very special - and so good to know that somethings are sinking in and he is learning. I love the large nativities displayed all over the grounds.I am so happy to live back in Salt Lake so that we can see the lights every Christmas, it is such a great way to start the holiday season with the right focus, and the lights are so beautiful!Brandon loved all of the water features - no surprises there. :)We watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional on Sunday, while it was not super reverent at our house and it was really difficult to pay attention with two little children. Brandon did enjoy the film of the temple. He kept telling us - "we went there" - "that's the temple". I think he is learning to love the temple too. :)I really enjoyed the luminaries.

What can I say - we LOVE to see the temple! :)

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j and k said...

Oh, it makes me miss living in SLC! How beautiful! You guys are always doing such fun activities with your kids. Lucky lucky children. Miss you! Merry CHristmas!