Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun Times In The Snow

It seemed to take winter a long time to finally arrive - but when it did we were ready. Brandon could hardly wait to play in the snow and make a snow man. Maggie also LOVES the snow - she runs like a mad dog in the snow and gets snowballs stuck to her fur - she looks pretty funny. I am so impressed with the snowman that Jared and Brandon made. When it was all finished Brandon asked "what should we name him, should we name him Harold, should we name him ... (I can't remember the name) I was thinking it was pretty funny all the name he was coming up with then I realized that once again he was quoting the Frosty the Snowman movie, I thought it was pretty cute, and yes - our snowman is named Frosty - what else?Just look at those poor paws.Grant tolerated the snow - I think he would have enjoyed it much more if it was not his nap time. :)Brandon loved Jared's Buzz Lightyear coat. :)

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