Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas
Things I hope to remember about this years Christmas
  • KFC for Christmas Eve dinner on our fancy Christmas dishes with just our little family (maybe it's tacky but it was so tasty, easy, and truly a fun meal
  • It was Grants first Christmas - he enjoyed the excitement and loved the decorations on the Christmas tree (I must have decorated that tree nearly every day this month) he likes gingerbread cookies and chocolate covered pretzels almost as much as I do, and he was more than happy to let Brandon "help" him open all his presents. Oh he is so darling! His favorite gifts were probably the gear toy that lights up and plays music, and the push and ride Winnie the Pooh car from Grandma Julie.
  • Brandon agreeing with me that we had too many presents under the tree so Santa should probably not bother coming to our house, of course I was kidding but I think Brandon was actually (if only for a moment) disappointed Christmas morning that Santa still came.
  • Spending Christmas Eve in our home with our little family opening pj's and scrapbooks from the past year
  • Doing the 12 days of Christmas Advent calendar with the stories and ornaments each night - Brandon loved it - and I was very happy to be able to read so many great Christmas stories.
  • Watching Brandon open up his Giant T-Rex and Shark and the whale book from Grandma Julie.
  • All of the other fun activities that made this holiday and this season so much fun Things I hope to have learned this year:
  • Stop spending so much money on toys - and start buying the toys from thrift stores and KSL - the kids can not tell the difference and they do not care about quantity
  • Do not fight over clam chowder and do not burn the clam chowder - and do not try a new recipe on Christmas Day!
  • Use a better camera (all of our Christmas morning pictures are blurry) like the one I got this year for Christmas
  • Take more pictures - Grants first Christmas and I do not have any great ones of him opening presents or playing with his presents

Here's to a new year and the anticipation of Christmas in 2011! :)


Jen said...

Those boys are just darling! I love the sled in their Christmas best! I love hearing about your growing family!

Julie said...

I should have let Grandpa give them some of the presents, they were from both of us, even though it didn't seem like it. Love the pictures and post.

Natalie Osborn said...

Michelle, I am Soooo Happy you got a new camera.... now keep this one charged ;) but just wanted to let you know I took skads of pictures of course, so you are free to steal any of them off Facebook. I will also email you the ones that arent on FB.

Psst I love how you come up with such creative ways to post. All my posts are always the same layout.