Friday, August 10, 2012

24th of July at Buttlerville Day's

 I love the celebration Cottonwood Heights puts on every year for Pioneer Day.  Parade - with nearly half of the floats from the days of 47 parade, antique car show, bounce house's, fun music and dancing, games, magic shows, gold digging, and fireworks.  Every year we gather with my family and with friends from my childhood neighborhood, this year we also had our good friends from Heber join us.  It was a wonderful day - hot, but still great fun!

 Brandon, Jason and Chandler enjoying the three little pigs float.  The kids pulled in a large stash of candy, did lots of waving, and tried to get in the line of fire when the fire truck came by squirting everyone with water (all except Brandon who hid under the chairs as far away as possible :))
 Tyler, Grant, Chandler, Jason and Brandon - five boys having a great time.:)
 Digging for gold (painted rocks)
 Brandon was thrilled when Jared buried him in the sand - it was just like a mama croc and her nest of eggs.
 Chandler and Jason were both so brave and wanted to go in the dunk tank.  Although once they were on the seat they were not so sure they liked the anticipation of being dunked.
 Grant was a pretty good shot and managed to dunk kids a few times, but couldn't manage it for Chandler, which made the anticipation even worse.
 Yeah Chandler - You did it!
 A roaming magician found our group and offered to do a show for the kids - it was great.  It was also fun because Jason's birthday was in just 2 days, so he got to be the first special helper.  I was very impressed with this magician, he was darling with the kids, fun to the adults and his tricks were so cool - wish I knew how they did that, the kids were also amazed. :)
 At long last when the heat of the day finally cooled down a bit we went to the car show and bounce houses.  The boys had a great time, bloody noses, bumps and bruises and all.  I was also so impressed with a darling boy 10-12 years old who saw Grant and Tyler needing help through one of the bounce houses, he was so cute to the boys and so helpful.  I hope I can raise boys who are just as thoughtful and kind.

 There was one group of musicians who perform Irish music, that made for some very fun dancing from kids and adults. :)
Uncle Scottie was so cute to take care of the boys from time to time, he and Grant have such a cute little bond.
 We had a great time - love community celebrations with family and friends!!  Happy Pioneer Day!

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