Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Labor Day in Idaho Falls

we enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Idaho Falls over Labor Day.  As is tradition we went to Tauphus Park to play on the vintage rides.
 The boys love these rides, well all except Grant who is less than enthusiastic about the planes. :)  Best of all we were able to enjoy the park with some great cousins, Cooper and Lexie, sure do wish they lived closer!

 Part of Tauphus Park is the zoo.  It is a tiny zoo, but it features some great animals, lions tigers, bears Oh my. :) Surprise, surprise Brandon likes the alligator the best, which I can't understand - they never move.  As luck would have it this gator was pretty active.  The zoo keeper was squirting a hose into its pond which had it moving around and then after everyone but Brandon and I lost interest it crawled up to the back of the enclosure and was fed two fish.  Brandon delighted!
 Two more children - bring it on, my double stroller and I can handle it - well maybe for a few minutes. :)
 We spent Labor day in the pool before we had to drive home.  We had a GREAT time!  Brandon is becoming more and more confident in the water and he loves playing with his whale.  But to our surprise Grant had a great time and showed amazing confidence in the water.  At the beginning of the summer Grant had a tight hold of me the entire time we were swimming.  But the previous week we went swimming at my moms neighborhood pool and Grant wanted to keep up with Brandon and Chandler so he started jumping into the water and each time insisted that I back up a little bit more until he was jumping in on his own.  This week he was jumping in on his own and insisting that I not help him at all.  So he'd jump in, bob up and then swim around a bit until he was ready to do it all over again.  I was so pleased with him and his confidence.  We need to get to a pool again soon so he doesn't forget how much fun it is and how good he is at it.
 Our cute little AliceAnn - she is Cooper and Lexis new sister and she is precious!

Look at Grant go! :)  I wish I could post the video of him jumping in and swimming, but it is just too long.

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