Thursday, October 11, 2012

1st Day of Preschool

Brandon began his third year of preschool in September, that's what you get when you have a September birthday. :)  Each of his preschools have been great learning opportunities, but I am greatly looking forward to this year of preschool.  I adore Miss Karen!  When she had her back to school night and was sharing her experience, philosophy, and plan for the school year and I felt such a confirmation that this is exactly where Brandon should be for preschool.  It was wonderful!  Miss Karen is great with Brandon, she just understands children so well and I am thrilled, I only wish she could be his teacher for several more years throughout his early education.  So I love Brandon's new preschool, but does Brandon?  YES!  Yeah!  Not only does he enjoy his new preschool he is retaining everything he is learning.  Finally he comes home and tells me what he did and what he learned.  I love hearing Brandon retell his day.  We are only one month in and I can't wait to see what wonderful things we have ahead of us.   

Funny thing, on Brandon's first day he managed to fall in a very absurd way and get two pretty great scars, Miss Karen was mortified.  I was just thrilled he was well behaved, happy and totally unconcerned about his leg. :)

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