Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hillbilly Hoe Down Ward Party

We had a super fun ward party in September.  Nearly everyone came in their hillbilly garb and accent.  It was pretty funny to see reserved and respectable neighbors dressed up and playing along.

 After a great pulled pork and pot luck dinner we enjoyed some amusing games, toilet seat-horse shoes, pie eating contest, potato sack races, etc.  Grant especially loved the toilet seat - horse shoes game. :)

 After fun games we had a battle of the bands - that was funny and really a lot of fun!
 The bishopric band - love their outfits :)

 The relief society and primary band - they were so cute and their song was a great spoof on our new Bishop. :)

 Last the best of all the game (okay so I am biased :)) the yw band.  Our song was a spoof on Mormons to the tune of Gossip Girls from the Hee Haw Show.  I thought it was darling and the girls were so cute!

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Shaylee K said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Oh my gosh I laughed forever at this post! You guys all look great - my favorites were Jamie and Lorraine! Baha! I miss my ward! Love you guys so so so much! :)