Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Brazilian Festival

We LOVE the Brazilian Festival!  We try to go every year.  Jared served his mission in Jao Pesoa, Brazil so he of course loves being able to enjoy to local food, hearing Portuguese and the overall atmosphere.  I have never been to Brazil but for some reason I get really excited about the culture as well.  I love how happy, friendly, and literally upbeat they are.  I love the music and especially the capuada (sp).  It is their form of martial arts, they integrate dancing into the fighting - I think it is beautiful; it is like break dancing, martial arts and tumbling all rolled into one.  I also really enjoy the food.  This year we were there before it started so we were able to see the parade as well.  It was great, it was like a mini carnival - Rio style. :)  I have to admit that I actually got a little choked up when the drums began (thanks a lot Grandma Johnson :)), but I managed to keep it together when we watched the capuada (sp). 

 LOVE the huge head dresses and all the costumes - they are amazing!

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