Monday, October 22, 2012

Zoo visit with Grandma, Grandpa and McKell

Wyn and Dee Ann were in town and wanted to visit the zoo with us since they had still not been able to see the new Rocky Shores exhibits.  We were tending McKell for the day so she came with us, which was perfect because she had also not seen the new exhibits.  We had a wonderful time!  Animals were active and fun to watch.

 Brandon was elated when he was able to see a Peregrine Falcon right before the bird show. Peregrine Falcons are his favorite bird. :)
 A special moment while visiting the zoo happened when Jared and Brandon were watching the male tiger and visiting with a zoo keeper.  The tiger wasn't being particularly entertaining so the rest of us moved on, but Jared and Brandon stuck around and were rewarded when the tiger roared.  They were both pretty excited to be so close and hear him, I am disappointed that I missed it.
Love visiting the zoo, especially with people we love!

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