Monday, October 29, 2012

"Then Sings My Soul"

Sharese and I took the five boys and two dogs on a walk along the Bridal Veil Falls pathway.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  As we were walking down the pathway I was overwhelmed at the beauty and felt the words "Then Sings My Soul" from the hymn "How Great Thou Art".  That is one of my favorite hymns.  I am truly in awe of the many wonderful creations of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  We truly live in a beautiful world.

It was a beautiful and very fun walk.  One of the things we love about visiting the falls is the pool just under the falls that you can throw rocks in and wade in.  It was perfect because there was a huge pile of rocks right next to it, so we would load up the stroller with rocks, throw them in the pool and repeat, a dream come true for little boys and mothers who love a free, beautiful, and peaceful activity.  But someone decided to stock the pool with fish - LOTS of fish, and they posted signs saying no throwing rocks, and no wading.  But if you happened to bring money you could pay to feed the fish.  I was disappointed, so were the boys.  I guess next time we will have to bring food, but feeding fish just isn't as fun as throwing rocks.  :(

 We were not however going to let this ruin our outing, so we continued on our walk and the boys had a great time climbing hills and rocks

Beautiful, happy children + beautiful peaceful nature = happy mom.

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