Saturday, August 4, 2012

Balboa Park

We wanted to do this trip to California a bit out of the box, we always do the zoo, sea world, and the beach, well Brandon would have been very disappointed if we missed sea world, so we kept sea world, but missed the zoo and beach.  Instead we thought we would explore Balboa Park.  Balboa Park has several museums, gardens and other historic buildings which looked like fun.  We chose to visit the Natural History Museum (dinosaurs, and animals :)).  It was not bad, but it was a bit of a let down.  Utah's Natural History Museum is just so great it is hard to compare, and we also have the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point which is incredible.  But the boys still had a great time.

Brandon was very excited about the Fin Whale Skull which showed the amazing size of the animal and best of all the blow hole.
 Fin Whale Skull - and that is not even the largest whale alive - WOW!

The Shark was a big hit as well.
 After the Natural History Museum we explored a bit in the Spanish Art district, and enjoyed amazing flowers and colors.

Then Wyn and Dee Ann chose to visit the rose gardens while we took the boys to the Science Museum, this looked like to much fun online, but again it was a bit of a let down, not much to do and pricey.  The boys did have a nice time in the children's section, but again we are spoiled with the great Children's museum in SLC.

Then we met up with Wyn and Dee Ann.  The gardens were amazing and they were free.  If we go back to Balboa Park we will definitely visit the amazing gardens and skip the museums.

We had a great time searching for butterflies.

I love gardens, wish I had the talent to make one as beautiful in my yard.

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