Sunday, August 5, 2012

Provo River Hike

When Sharece called and asked if we would be interest in a hike I was thrilled, I love being in the great outdoors.  We began with a picnic lunch near the river, where the kids had a great time climbing the trees, exploring and tormenting the fly fishers.
 Then we set off on our hike, but by this time is was nearly two in the afternoon and VERY hot.  The kids had lots of fun "walking" Pete, Annabelle, and Bella.

We made it to the pond and guess what the boys started to do - yup, throw more rocks in the water, they had to go a ways to find rocks but when they did, oh boy!  Those rocks kept getting bigger and bigger. :)  Why is that so much fun. 

Threw nearly the whole nature walk Grant was beside himself, I think he is a lot like me and has an internal temperature set at hot, so when it is a very hot day, he like me just can not tolerate it, so I ended up carrying him for the bulk of the day, I was sure happy when I decided that throwing rocks would be fun.

I am so grateful that Brandon, for the most part, likes to look after his brother and help him and include him in whatever he is doing.  There is something truly gratifying in seeing you children get along well with each other.
 All in all it was a very fun outing - so grateful to have been invited!  I hope we go on a few more hikes before the weather turns cold.
 When the hike was over we took a break on the bridge for a few pictures before climbing into our air conditioned cars.  We live in such a beautiful city!

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