Saturday, August 4, 2012

Whale Watching in California

Given Brandon's great love for whales as well as Jared's and my fascination with them.  We thought we would go on a whale watching excursion.  I have heard often about people having great experiences on whale watching tours and I wanted a turn.  We had a good time riding on the yacht and seeing the great scenery, but we did not see any whales.  We did however get to see a few dolphins so the trip wasn't a total loss.  The boys thought being out on a big boat on the ocean was pretty cool, it was a bit stressful though, trying to keep tabs on the boys with the treat of drowning.  We will try again some day for our whale watching experience, but I think we will wait until the boys are older or we will just go without them.

After the tour we went to lunch at Ruby's diner, we love the nostalgia of this place.

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