Saturday, August 4, 2012

Liberty Park with the Johnsons

We enjoyed a great day at Liberty Park with my mom's side of the family.  It is such a wonderful park I do wish that we lived a little closer to it.  The park has a beautiful man made lake with a bridge to cross over to the little island int he middle of the lake.  There is also a great play ground and splash pad for the kids to play in, many large grass areas, a big grassy hill, a mini amusement park, and several other play grounds, not to mention the aviary, swimming pool and tennis courts.  But one of my favorite parts of the park is the mini replica of the Salt Lake mountains, major canyons and rivers and the Great Salt Lake.  Children love playing in the water. 
 Grandma Julie bought the three boys coordinating sunglasses, which they either promptly broke or lost, grr, fortunately we got a cute picture of them before.

 Picnic lunch, fun conversations and family equals a great day.
 Pete and Annabelle even came along after being freshly groomed and enjoyed some attention, new smells, laying around and best of all attempting to chase the ducks and geese into the lake, so much for their baths.
 Grant was a happy camper when he got the bag of Cheetos all to himself. :)
 While we were at the lake feeding the ducks Chandler accidentally kicked his flip flop into the water.  I was impressed with every ones efforts to get the flip flop back.

 The boys had so much fun playing in the "Great Salt Lake".  Brandon was of course an alligator or crocodile the whole time.

 Cute Cute boys!

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