Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sea World

Soon after entering Sea World we saw this lady with a crocodile, we were thrilled, because this is another of Brandon's favorites.  Wyn showed Brandon how to pet it and Brandon nervously agreed to pet it as well.  Now he feels like he can handle any animal he meets.

We went to the Cirque-de-Sol show, which was both funny and amazing, how do they do what they do? 

We chose not to go to the dolphin show, but we were looking at the dolphins at just the right time, because the trainers were there interacting with them and allowing those close enough to interact as well.  Jared got Brandon in close enough, but I was too far back to take pictures.  Grant and I found another place to see the dolphins and we were having a great time until one of them tail splashed us, Grant was ticked! 

We went to a new Shamu show this time.  Shamu Rocks.  The music was lots of fun and the show was great as well, it was fun to do something different.

We Love Sea World!!!!

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