Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jared's Birthday at the Zoo

For Jared's birthday we went to the zoo, and it was about time too.  The new Rocky Shore exhibit opened nearly a month earlier, and we were so ready to go see it.  We had a great time at the zoo.  It was a packed house, due to several reunions and several activities.  We were able to see the wolf standing up walking around first thing, and then we had the good fortune of watching all three tigers eating ice treats made just for them, walking over the bridge and log and getting into the water.  I love the tigers and love having three cubs that interact with each other, I will sure be sad, when they grow up and have to be separated.

Tillamook Cheese came in from Oregon, which made us both happy and very home sick, but they did give a fun bingo card to fill out while we went through the zoo, and these funny smile's to play with and there were samples, yum!

 We had lunch at the new Beastro, and had a great time.  The window where we sat had a GREAT view of the elephants, Zuri was throwing dirt, grass and water onto her, she was rolling on the ground and playing around her mom Kristy.  We did not expect dinner and a show but we got one, and the boys were thrilled.

Big Guy!  Ever since my dad read him an article in the newspaper about Big Guy Brandon has looked forward to seeing him, Big guy does not disappoint - he is huge!

The three new grizzlies were so much fun to watch, they never stopped moving, unfortunately they were one of the last animals we saw and the boys were getting weary so we did not get to watch them for very long.

Rizo is our new polar bear, she is so much fun! swimming, walking, foraging; I could have spent much more time observing them, but for some cray reason my boys were uninterested. 
When we were done with the zoo I asked Brandon what animal was his favorite at the zoo for the day, his response,  the crocodiles.  Seriously?  They don't move, ever!  Oh well, Jared and I had lots of fun seeing so many animals having a playful active day.  Happy Birthday Jared!

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Allison said...

Looks like a great zoo day! I've always wanted to see the tiger cubs in the water...lucky!