Sunday, August 5, 2012


Brandon dressed up in this most unusual style and I just laughed.  Snow boots, fishing vest, happy meal watch, ugly shorts, and a strip shirt; what do you mean they don't look great together?
Brandon has developed a new habit which cracks me up, but despite my good intentions and valiant efforts I have been unable to capture it in video.  When Brandon gets all dressed for the day, he announces from his room, "are you ready mom", when he knows I am ready he struts over to me and strikes a pose to show off how well dressed, and how handsome he is.  What makes it really funny is the pose.  It consists of him putting his hands on his hips, thrusting his hips forward, shoulders back, one foot in front and his head cocked to one side.  It is a pretty cute and amusing pose.  I am a little worried however that due to so many compliments on his good looks he is getting vain, and now Grant is striking a pose as well, what am I to do. :)

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