Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Fools

Not sure why I was motivated to celebrate April Fools day this year?   Perhaps my problem is that I will happily look for anything to do other then all of the necessary and pressing items on my to do list?  Regardless this is what came of my efforts at a few jokes.  While Grant was napping I covered his toddler bed with a sheet turning it into a tent. 

 While Brandon was sleeping I covered his door with a table cloth and was hoping to fill it with balloons which would fall on him when he woke up, but he woke up while I was blowing up the balloons.  He had to go potty pretty bad and was not able to get out of his room fast enough, so the joke was on me. :)  We tried again on Grants door, which had Brandon pretty amused. 
Then Brandon and I set to covering the garage door with streamers so that when Jared came home he would have to drive through them (it looked like a car wash).

I thought my ideas were pretty funny, but no one else did - Grant woke up, got out of his tent and balloon door with a sleepy uninterested expression, and Jared just didn't care.  I also changed some of the names on his cell phone so that when he got texts from his mom, dad, and me he would be a bit confused.  He wasn't confused at all and certainly not entertained. - Oh well, I tried. :) 

Brandon, without knowing it, pulled the best joke.  While I was in the shower he got to the fuse box (which is in Grants room) and while playing with it, turned off all the power in the house.  Well the day before (Easter morning) the power had gone out in the whole neighborhood for a few hours, so I thought it was happening again - even though the weather was fine.  After a few texts to neighbors I learned it was just our house and put two and two together.  Silly boy! :)  Too bad he didn't even know he had turned off the power. :)

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