Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring break - visit to the zoo

During our Spring Break I thought it would be fun to visit the zoo.  I thought that because our Spring Break is so different from everyone else I know that it would be a great day to go - it was packed I have never, NEVER seen the zoo so busy.  Fortunately we got there early before the crowds were unbearable.  It turned out to be a very fun day at the zoo.  But before we left Grant decided to put on make up just like me - so funny to me, but he was pretty sad about how his efforts turned out. :)
 Highlights from our visit:
* Meeting Grandma Julie and Chandler at the main entrance - the boys didn't know they would be there. :)
*Zuri the baby elephant was playing and rolling around
*a green tree boa eating a large mouse - start to finish - it was fascinating, all most as entertaining as the reactions of everyone we told about it - no one seemed to want to stick around and watch it with us, but we stayed for the whole thing, yucky tail and all. :)
*the amur leopard was running around
*one of the tigers, was walking all over the place and then went for a swim
*the seals and sea lions were doing a little training so we got to watch them do a few tricks and eat fish
*the polar bear was walking around a lot and we did see her swim for a bit, but despite waiting for a LONG time we did not see her swim up to the glass like she so often does. Oh well.
*and of course riding on the carousel

It was also so fun to see the progress the zoo is making with the new African exhibit, it is going to be so big and cool - we can not wait.  The boys loved watching the machinery, trucks and tractors hard at work too. :)

It was a great day at the zoo

 After the zoo we met up with Natalie for lunch at McDonald's - it was a very fun day!!!

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