Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kids Say/Do the Darndest Things

My boys keep me so entertained these days!

Yesterday I told Brandon he had to clean up his animals (he had arranged them the night before into three separate groups, land animals, dinosaurs, and ocean animals).  After a bit of grumbling he went to his room and began cleaning while I began vacuuming.  When I came around the corner to his room he came out crying; not one of those temper tantrum, woe is me cries and not one of the "I am hurt" cries, but the heartbroken, emotional pain cries; needless to say I was surprised by the emotion.  Here is the conversation that followed, imagine the conversation filled with desperately emotional tears from Brandon. :)
M - Brandon what is wrong
B - I'm going to miss you
M - (?I'm not going anywhere) Why are you going to miss me?
B - because I am leaving tomorrow?
M - Why are you leaving
B - I have to go to a house that is messy, because I can't clean my room, I am going to put all my toys in a trailer on the back of my bike, gasp, gasp, gasp, AND I'M LEAVING! hyperventilating sobs.
M - (trying not to laugh and sincerely console him) Oh, well sweetheart, you don't have to leave, your room is almost clean
B - But I have to leave, and I'm going to miss you
M- I'm going to miss you too, but you really don't have to go.  Where are you going to go?
B - Moab

I can't remember much of the conversation after that, but that Brandon was an emotional wreck and I was doing everything possible to keep myself from busting out laughing.

Where does a kid come up with such a thought process?  Oh, he is just too funny!!

On Sunday I miraculously had both the boys ready for church 2 1/2 hours before church started (we have 1:00 church).  They were both very excited to go to church, is it time to go yet, is it time to go yet, over and over again for an hour. Finally Brandon says, "Mom we have to go to church , NOW, I don't want to be lumpy, I have to go to church so I can learn and be smart, because I don't want to be lumpy!"  I am sure I said what, several times because I was sure I hadn't heard him say lumpy, but he clarified clearly, He Did Not Want To Be Lumpy!!  Well we made it to church, on time, and Brandon even gave the talk in church; a great talk about the Restoration of the church, and Joseph Smith and the First Vision.  I wonder if he felt good about contributing to his friends and their efforts to not be lumpy?

I wish several times a day that I had recorder at the ready for both my boys, I want to capture all of Brandon's interesting/humorous thoughts, and I want to capture all of the cute things Grants says, not because what he says is cute, but because of the way he says everything.  Some of the words he says frequently that are super cute to me are, awesome and actually; like tonight - "McKay plays basketball with me, is that awesome" and yesterday "axwee, Bandin no like juice, I like juice, that awesome?"  Love, Love, Love hearing my Grant talking, although now if I give him the one on one time he craves I need to be prepared to have me ear talked off, he can go and go. :)

A few Fridays ago Jared was able to get half the day off, it was such a treat to have him home.  Well enjoyed a fun family lunch, movie and playing and then put the boys down for naps.  I settled in to read my book and Jared prepared to go shopping.  Well Grant used all his stealth and managed to escape his room, get into the back yard, scale the fence and fall down the other side to the front yard, where the basketball players (who he is obsessed with) are always playing; all without our knowing it.  Well Jared went shopping and I read; maybe half an hour - 45 minutes and the door bell rings, well I had just went into the restroom (why does the phone or door bell always ring as soon as I go to the restroom?).  Well I thought nothing more of the door bell, if it was important they could always come back and I went back to reading.  15 minutes later the door bell rings again and there is my wonderful neighbor (who hardly speaks a word of English) with Grant; she did her best to explain that Grant was in the road and she was worried about the cars.  I was mortified!  What must she have thought of me?  I was so sure he was in his room sound asleep, but no, he was wandering the neighborhood for nearly an hour unsupervised!  Honestly how can a mother raise children and not be totally convinced that there are angels protecting her children, both seen and unseen?  I am so very grateful that Grant was okay!

On a positive note, Grant began potty training today, he has been showing interest and ability for a while now so when we used his last pull-up last night, I decided we were done.  Things went pretty well today, only two small accidents.  He kept his pants dry for his 2+ hour nap as well.  Here's hoping things go as well tonight, if not I have replacement sheets ready to go.  I am also hoping that tomorrow will go as well.

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Allison said...

So funny, except the part about Grant being out and about by himself. Jack took off yesterday without me knowing and I kind of freaked out.

Love all the other updates, I haven't checked your blog in awhile. Your trip to temple square makes me want to take my boys. And, once again you win the most creative mom award for all of your fun celebrations!