Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some More Fun Pictures From Our Moab Trip

My brothers adore their nephews!  I am so grateful my boys have so much fun with their uncles, and love them so much!
 One night after putting the boys to bed in their rooms we stayed out to play games, when we came in the room to go to bed we could not find Grant anywhere.....
 Then we looked under our bed, somehow he had rolled under the bed. :)  Funny boy!

Dead Horse Point is beautiful!!  It was so fun to visit!

 Chandler is such a little dare devil. :)  Wonder where he gets that from :)
 What do you do when you come upon a small pond covered with sheet ice?  Well if you belong to our family you choose a piece of sheet ice and smash it over your head - yup, that is what you do. :)

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