Sunday, April 7, 2013


We had a wonderful Easter this year.  I had big plans for making Easter more meaningful, but I think in the end the few discussions and the Family Home Evening we had were far more meaningful that the activities I considered putting together.  Our Family home Evening the Monday before Easter was simple and wonderful.  We talked about the empty egg and the empty tomb, the joy of the Resurrection, and our Savior.  Then we colored our puppets of the tomb, stone and Savior.  After our lesson, we let the boys have a play egg hunt, with empty eggs; it was made even more fun, because Grandma Dee Ann and Grandpa Wyn joined us on Facetime.  The boys understood the lesson from the day and surprised us every once in a while during the week by referring to it, or retelling the story, and even sharing their appreciation for the Atonement.
Easter morning was as exciting as ever.  The boys woke up before us and went on a hunt for their baskets, they found Brandon's and woke us up enthusiastically to get us going.  The baskets were filled with treasures of candy, bath toys, notebooks, new Book of Mormons, and other little toys.

 That night we enjoyed a wonderful family dinner at my parents house with a fun egg hunt afterwards.

 Then on Monday morning we had a very fun playgroup with another egg hunt in the Primary room.

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