Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grants Birthday

Grant LOVES trains, and his good friend Daeman, who was born one day before him also LOVES trains.  So it seemed fitting to do a double birthday party, a train birthday party of course.
We met first at Daeman's house where Karen had fun games and actives set up, the party guest (Tyler, Patrick, Campbell, and of course Brandon and Daeman's sister Nicole) were able to decorate foam trains with stickers, pin the nose on Thomas the train, and play with Daeman's train collection.
 Following the activities and games we led the kids to the front yard where we had a "train" waiting to take them to our house for treats and presents.

The train ride was a hit, even if it didn't turn out the way I had hoped.W

When we were at our house we had fruit pizzas on train shaped sugar cookies, the kids loved them - and it was so much better than cake, this may be a new alternative :).

 Then Grant and Daeman sat in their birthday chairs with their trains and hats and opened presents.  All together it was a very fun birthday party!  And once again I find myself being incredibly grateful for good friends (Sharece) who help right when I need it and make the party a success!!

 In preschool Brandon made a count down chain for Christmas, and loved it, so he suggested that we make a count down chain for Grant's birthday, Grant had so much fun each day cutting off a chain - this may have to be a new tradition (and it is so easy!:))
 On Saturday morning (Grants birthday) he woke up and opened presents.  He got a T-ball set, lots of wiffle balls and a base ball helmet, all of which he LOVED.  He also got two battery operated trains (Thomas and James), a fishing pole, a large box of paints, more books, and two balls.
 Following presents, we prepped for our family party.  I always enjoy having my family up for a party, they are just fun to be to be with!  Grandma Julie made Grant a new silky blanket (to replace the one that was becoming worn and tattered) and a new pillow to go with it.  Grandma Julie and Grandpa Ron also gave Grant lots of books, a basketball hoop to hang on his bedroom wall, a leap frog toy train, and many other fun toys.  He was a spoiled boy!!!

 Grandma Dee Ann and Grandpa Wyn sent a gift card to Walmart in the mail - Grant had so much fun shopping for whatever he wanted to buy - he came home with a large red ball, a large paper pad for painting on with his new paints, and a really cute Duplo Lego counting train set.  Grant was spoiled by everyone who loves him!
We sure do love our little groundhog!  He is such a charmer with his beautiful and easy smile, his contagious laugh, and kind disposition.  He is remarkably smart, learning to talk late has not slowed him down one bit; he plays memory games with incredible ease, and has already begun learning his letters, letter sounds, counting, and number recognition.  He is very much a mommas boy, which is fine with me since Brandon is always telling me he likes Jared better :).  I am whooped on this boy of mine - he is just so lovable!!!  Happy Birthday Grant!  We love you! 

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Allison said...

Such a cute boy! Love the train ride idea. You are amazing Michelle!