Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Dad - Undefeated!

I mentioned in an earlier post that while we were hiking and enjoying Moab Utah my dad continually complained of his legs going numb, on one of our hikes he was thrilled because he could suddenly feel blood warming his legs again.  It was weird, and strange things like this were happening throughout the trip.  So he scheduled a doctors appointment when we got home.  It was discovered that he had Spinal Stenosis - pressure on your spinal cord and the nerves that travel through the spine.  His doctor was surprised that with the severity of his condition he could still walk - he should have been paralyzed.  The doctor attributed his good health and active life style for the reason why he was still mobile.  He was scheduled for a doctors appointment on Thursday the 21st. 

I was very nervous about his surgery - VERY!  I had a few bad reactions from acquaintances who knew about the surgery, which led me to thinking the worst.  Once again my testimony was strengthened; prayer and fasting work!!

My dad was able to have his surgery early in the morning and the surgery when perfectly.  The doctors thought he would need to be in the hospital for a few day to recover, he was able to go home after just one night.  The doctors did not think he would be able to be up and about for two weeks - the Monday following his surgery he was able to return to work - for just a few short hours; by the end of the week he had put in a full 40 hours.

He is doing well - remarkably well!  I am grateful!  I am so impressed with my dad's resilience!!

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