Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Presidents Day Weekend - day two - Hole in the Rock

With a family that loves animals a visit to Hole n" the Rock was a given.  We had a lot of fun, but wow is this a weird place!  They just gathered lots of - well - junk, and turned it into art - weird, and very amusing art. :)  The highlight however was the very unusual petting zoo, we all had lots of fun feeding a variety of animals in a variety of ways. :)

 Love this boy, he knows how to wrestle a crocodile and handle a bird of prey properly. :)

It was a fun outing!  then for the remainder of the day everyone but mom, Jared, the three boys and I left for biking, four wheeling, and exploring, while we stayed home to sleep and attempt to get better.  :)

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Julie said...

Love this post, what a fun trip. We sure know how to have a great time together as a family!